Stupid mistake creates severe error in SharePoint 2010: "UIVersion property is invalid"

So which property? Where can you set UIVersion? Several places, but also in the feature definition. I had put the version number "" in UIVersion instead of the Version field of the feature, and BANG! System Error!

So if you get "UIVersion property is invalid" when trying to administer your features then check your features :-)


SharePoint 2010 custom master page and submit button on dialog pages not working

I got a strange error when i was working with a branded master page. No matter what I did I got an Javascript error ("Function Expected ... in/around- c=a.frames(RTE_GetEditorIFrameID(b))", and some other strange errors) when I opened an item, e.g. editing a task or adding a task. This Javascript error causes the sumbit button to not work :-(.

Took me some time to find the cause, and it was not what I supected it to be. The cause was the following line:

meta content="IE=Edge" equiv="X-UA-Compatible"

It should be (what is default SharePoint 2010):
meta content="IE=8.0" equiv="X-UA-Compatible"