Problem connecting to a site collection using SharePoint Designer 2010

Got a weird error when I tried to connect to a SharePoint 2010 site collection:

"An error occurred while trying to fetch data from your sharepoint site" + "The status is 'OK'"

No it's not ok!

Looking at different blog posts several suggestions were provided: different build version, IIS binding issues, and so on.

BUT what fixed it in my case was these steps (suggested by JacobEgholm):

  • In IIS select authentication for the web app that causes you headaches

  • Select Windows Authentication

  • Select Advanced settings and turn off Extended protection

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DenziL said...

Hello Frode,

Sorry for posting this question in here. Well, I thought you could help me out with this. We have a requirement where some fields in SharePoint Form need to be made mandatory depending on the option that is chosen in earlier field.

For eg: There is a field called "Impact on Audit". The user can choose Yes or No from the Dropdown box. If the user chooses Yes, then the remaining 2 fields like "Type of Audit, Device Host Name" etc should be mandatory.

Is this something which can be achieved without writing a code?