Access denied when trying to crawl sps3://mydomain

I've had a lot of Access Denied messages when configuring SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010, and especially when trying to switch service accounts or accounts to be used when SharePoint crawls content.

This time I got an access denied when trying to crawl sps3://mydomain. Checked account, password, assigned rights (Site Collection, Web Application Policies, etc), but everyhing looked ok. Hmmm... using Google I found and read a post in the Enterprise Search forum on msdn and this blog article.

These steps fixed my issue:

  • Go to the Service Applications page
  • Select the User Profile Service Application (NOT the link)
  • Click on the administrators button
  • Add your crawl / indexing count
  • Give it the permission: Retrieve People Data for Search Crawlers
  • Click Ok

The perform a new Full Crawl of your content source(s), and hopefully no access denied messages any more,

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