"The install in progress conflicts with a previously installed Microsoft Office 2010 Server product"

Did you get this message "The install in progress conflicts with a previously installed Microsoft Office 2010 Server product" after an uninstall (on e.g. your development server) then it's very likely that there are som Office Web Apps garbage in your registry.

You may start with this article: "Installing Sharepoint 2010 over a previous version", or (as I did) just open regedit, search for "Web Apps" and just delete every entry you can find. Easy as hell, but proobably not something you would do on a production server :-)


Damion123 said...

I've encountered the same error and I do have Web Apps installed on our server.

Do you know of any way around this without removing web apps or the registry entries?

Or is there are a specific offending registry that Web Apps may not need??

Frode Sørhøy, EDB Consulting Group, Bergen, Norway said...

Sorry. I used the "brute force" method as it was my in my development vm image.

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rayone said...

You just need to delete SharePoint stuff from: HKCR\Installer\Products