Finalliy the SharePoint 2010 Ignite Online training has become available

SharePoint 2010 Ignite Online for IT Professionals
SharePoint 2010 Ignite Online for Developers

Now I don't have to book a whole week in Oslo (or somewhere else) to get the information, but download it and read it whenever I've time (e.g on the bus).

Material looks and presented by well known instructors.


SQL Server Analysis Servics vs Excel 2010 PowerPivot (and PowerPivot for SharePoint)

In a meeting with some BI/accounting specialists last week I was challenged with the following question:

  • You talk about Analysis Services, PowerPivot and PowerPivot for SharePoint, but what is right for us, and when to use which tool?

I'm not at BI / Analysis Services specialist, but I really would like to bring to the table some guidlines that both explains the different tools and when to use what. Luckily I didn't have to create this comparison myself - Microsoft have already done it.

It really depends on your focus:

  • Organisational BI => Analysis Services

  • Personal BI => PowerPivot

  • Team BI => PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010

Read the whole article:


Project 2010 together with SharePoint 2010 - a very good match

Project 2010 can now be used to syncronize tasks with SharePoint 2010. This is something that I think is great! The project leader can continue to do his/her planning in Project 2010, and when we collaborate during the project execution phase we work in a SharePoint team site. Great!

What if you participate in many projects and need to se all your tasks?



SharePoint 2010 My Site / My Profile Navigation and Menus Customization

Adding Links to the Top Link Bar on My Site / My profile:

Add links for every user

  • Manage Profile Service / My Site Settings / Configure Personalization Site

Add links for every user (must have access to the the my site hosting site collection):

  • Site Actions / Site Settings / Top Link Bar (under Look and Feel)

Add links to my own main menu (on my site):

  • Site Actions / Site Settings / Top Link Bar (under Look and Feel)

Adding menu pages to the My Profile Tabs (Documents, Overview, Organization, etc..)

  • Site Actions / Site Settings / Quick Launch (under Look and Feel)