SharePoint 2010 is comming to a server near you - soon!

Me and my colleagues will definitly be working with SharePoint 2010. I just can't wait to get hold of and start wokring on the bits & pices. Participating in the Early Adapter Program for SharePoint 2007 was a great experience, and I hope I'll be able to start working with SharePoint 2010 at a very early stage as well. SharePoint 2007 has been a success, and will SharePoint 2010 bring the platform/product to a "higher level"? Time will show, but I do think so!

Customizing the SharePoint 2007 Search using a little bit of JQuery

On a SharePoint site we got an issue where we had to let the user be able to search for the last five digits in the phone number. Why? Because the users will only se the last five digits on their phone when somone calls in. The complete number (8 digits) is registered in the profile (imported directly from Active Directory. It also complicated matters that we are running Ontollica Wildcard search (the free edition). Ontollica is a good tool, but it it's not simple to customize, and now I had to make Ontollica Search Web parts and standard SharePoint Search web parts work together.

I used the following JQuery script (in a Content Editor Web Part). It picks up the etnered five digit number add the possible prefixes to the entered number, build up the correct query including managed properties, and redirects the user back to the same page.


New release of the SharePoint 2007 Application Development Guidance

A new release of "Developing SharePoint Applications, Guidance for building collaborative applications that extend your LOB systems" has been released. It provides a lot of very relevant information and examples on how to apply good development (best) practices and patterns when customizing SharePoint.

Some modules that you can yse right away (and maybe get rid of some old code):
  • Logging componenten. Logging events in your SharePoint solutions.
  • ServiceLocator. Implementation of the Inversion of Control and the Service Locator pattern. Making your SharePoint solutions more service oriented and decoupling interfaces from their actual implemtations are absolutly very usefull - especially when it comes to testing.

You can find it and download it here.