List template not working when used in at different farm - Lookup Columns will caus trouble

Be aware that you re-create Lookup columns when creating a new list based on a list template created on a different server/farm. They will not work because the source list used in the look up column does not exist in the destination farm. It is obvious after you have done the mistake and found the cause of "the disaster". Quick and dirty may sometimes become very dirty ... :-(

" A parser error has occurred" (1319) error when hitting a page in SharePoint 2007

I've had the error "A parser error has occurred" (with event ID 1319) a couple of times when working with SharePoint 2007 - especially when moving content between different farms (e.g. backup and restore). In my cases it has been missing solutions (dlls and libraries) in the destination farm that has been the cause. Last time Ajax runtime and what missing in the destination farm, and the parsing could not be done.

It is therefore very immportant that farms involved in a backup and restore scenario is 100 % in sync bfore restoring a site collection from one farm into another.


SharePoint 2007 Data View Web Part

So it was time to use the Data View Web Part to display content from av custom web service in a nice way.

Examples and how to use the Data View Web part:

And writing custom sharepoint 2007 web services:

Errors and solutions

And of course I (as so many other it seems) run into the error: "The server returned a non-specific error when trying to get data from the data source. Check the format and content of your query and try again. If the problem persists, contact the server administrator". I did not find a "proven" solution to the cause of the error, but in my case it looked like it was the number of parameters and the length of these that got me into trouble. Can it be that the soap-header somehow got corrupted?? I re-wrote my custom web service, reduced the number of parameters to it, and I got it working.

Tired of writing the same SharePoint 2007 c# code over and over again - create snippets

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