SharePoint 2007 - Item level security performance issues

I just got the following log entry:

List item query elapsed time: 39030 milliseconds, Additional data (if available): Query HRESULT: 80131530 List internal name, flags, and URL:
{6FB8EDE9-689F-45C1-B016-A4975B652F54}, flags=0x0000000024c01080, URL="xxxxx"...

And the SQL Server CPU was up to almost 100 % all the time.

The list has less than 600 elements, but each item has unique security settings. There are som severe performance issues here.

I turns out that our problem was not directly related to the list in question and item level security after all - it was a symptom on anothere severe problem; a custom SQL query against another database. BUT in the process of discovering the true cause of our performeance issue Microsoft Support could confirm that item level security WILL - sooner or later - cause troubles.

Eli Robbelard has written an article "SharePoint Security: Hard limits and recommended practices" that discusses the topic, and how to make workarounds.


Bjørn Furuknap said...

I have seen similar problems with performance as well. In addition you will see horrible performance when you set the permissions. I just wrote an ItemAdded event handler to receive about 700 reports that needs to have individual security settings on a site with about 1500 users. On average, setting security takes ~10-15 seconds for each item.

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