SharePoint 2007 Facted Search 2.5 combined with Ontollica Wildcard Search possible?

Combining Ontollica Wildcard Search (free component) with Microsoft Faceted Search 2.5 would have made decent couple, and in some scenarioes they seem to be. In a simple a simple test that I run today (with the out-of-the box) configuration of both components some of the facets worked well, but the following gave me trouble:
  • Filtering on Content Source: "Searching the property ContentSource is not supported in the Wildcard edition of Ontolica". Free components seldom give you everything you need ... they are usually "teasing" you - give me money ... and you will get it all :-)
  • Filtering on Language (theword DETECTEDLANGUAGE:"9"): No result with Ontollica, a lot of results in Search Center.
  • ...
I'm not given up on them yet, but will see if it is possible to live with the limitations...

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