SharePoint 2007, EPiServer and Silverlight 2

Yes, I've started to experiment with combining the technologies in different ways to create rich interface applications that bring together the best from each product - I hope :-). The Silverlight 2 application(s) wil communicate with both SharePoint and EPiServer CMS through web services. Using web services and WCF services is straightforward, but remember:

1) Common
- Make sure you are using a valid clientaccessolicy.xml file. Download correct file from How to Use Cross Domain Policy Files With Silverlight
- You may have to change your buffer sizes in your service bindings. This is done in the file ServiceReferences.ClientConfig in your Silverlight application project if you are binding to a simple web service.

2) EPiServer CMS
- The account that you are accessing the EPiServer web service with must be added to "Allow the user to act as a web service user". This is set under: Admin Config tab Security Permissions for Functions

3) SharePoint 2007 / WSS3.0
- Make sure that you copy the clientaccesspolicy.xml fil to the root of your sharepoint site using SharePoint Designer - it must be stored in the content database. Putting the file together with the web.config file under ../virtualdirectories/80/ will NOT work.

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