SharePoint 2007 Federated Search - Search Dashboards

I've just installed and played around with the Infrastructure Update for WSS 3.0 og SharePoint 2007. Finally SharePoint has federated search capabilities and an improved Search admin dashboard - both where "user friendly" when it comes to setup and configuration. Federated search connectors are available for several search engines, and/or you can write your own for searching your internal business application sources.

The obvious next thing for me now is to create "the ultimate?" search dashboard combining: faceted search, ontollica wildcard search, federated search and custom search (against our business systems). I think it will be quit good ... at least I hope so :-)


SharePoint 2007 Facted Search 2.5 combined with Ontollica Wildcard Search possible?

Combining Ontollica Wildcard Search (free component) with Microsoft Faceted Search 2.5 would have made decent couple, and in some scenarioes they seem to be. In a simple a simple test that I run today (with the out-of-the box) configuration of both components some of the facets worked well, but the following gave me trouble:
  • Filtering on Content Source: "Searching the property ContentSource is not supported in the Wildcard edition of Ontolica". Free components seldom give you everything you need ... they are usually "teasing" you - give me money ... and you will get it all :-)
  • Filtering on Language (theword DETECTEDLANGUAGE:"9"): No result with Ontollica, a lot of results in Search Center.
  • ...
I'm not given up on them yet, but will see if it is possible to live with the limitations...


Silverlight picture slide Show in Sharepoint 2007 (and EPiServer CMS)

For a customer I needed to find a slide show component in order to show groups of pictures in a nice graphical way. Tried out some web parts using javascript/Ajax, but couldn't really get them to look "right". Then I found a great Silverlight component. It is a Silverlight 1 component, but it works.

PS! It should be equally simple to make the component available in EPiServer CMS


SharePoint 2007, EPiServer and Silverlight 2

Yes, I've started to experiment with combining the technologies in different ways to create rich interface applications that bring together the best from each product - I hope :-). The Silverlight 2 application(s) wil communicate with both SharePoint and EPiServer CMS through web services. Using web services and WCF services is straightforward, but remember:

1) Common
- Make sure you are using a valid clientaccessolicy.xml file. Download correct file from How to Use Cross Domain Policy Files With Silverlight
- You may have to change your buffer sizes in your service bindings. This is done in the file ServiceReferences.ClientConfig in your Silverlight application project if you are binding to a simple web service.

2) EPiServer CMS
- The account that you are accessing the EPiServer web service with must be added to "Allow the user to act as a web service user". This is set under: Admin Config tab Security Permissions for Functions

3) SharePoint 2007 / WSS3.0
- Make sure that you copy the clientaccesspolicy.xml fil to the root of your sharepoint site using SharePoint Designer - it must be stored in the content database. Putting the file together with the web.config file under ../virtualdirectories/80/ will NOT work.