Sign in as different user command in SharePoint 2007 may get you into trouble

Please be aware of the following issues when implementing a SharePoint 2007 portal and having the "Sign in as a different user" available (that is the standard).

In the examples below user A is physically logged in on the computer while B is not.:
  1. Accessing My Site. If you have a setup where you have all the My Sites on a separat web application (e.g. on a different port) and your main portal standard port 80 the "Sign in as addiferent user will" NOT work accross those two web applications. Sign in as user B (from the SharePoint Sign in ... command) and then click on My Site. Who's My Site did you get to? A or B? I guess you where hoping for B, but that is wrong.
  2. Editing documents will give you the same issues. Sign in as user B, find a document library where user B should not have Contribute rights to. Open a document, change it, and then do a Save As back to the same library. No errors! What!??!

Anybody else having issues with the "Sign in as different user" command?


Nagesh said...

I am getting HTTP 500 error while trying to sign in as a different user on a site page... My id has all permissions but I can not get to the site this way on a different client pc while he logged in already. Neither logout works... please advise.

Anonymous said...

I am having the same issue with my sites.

Have you found a solution to them?

Charlie said...

I have the same issue. Have you found a solution? This is driving me insane.

Wahyu said...

I have the same problem with you. Could you tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks and I appreciate it.

Frode Sørhøy, Avenir, Bergen, Norway said...

No, I've not found a solution to this. I was hoping somebody "out there" had :-)