Branding the Web Part Editor box and the Web Part Header in SharePoint 2007

Then it was time to do some branding again - which is an very important task in any SharePoint project. It doesn't matter how great all the features in SharePoint 2007 are if the look-and-feel of the site doesn't make the users "happy" :-)

I found three very exciting article written by Kyle Schaeffer on his blog:
1) Floating (Movable) Web Part Task Pane
2) Web part headers with rounded corners
3) Different look and feel for the web parts when they are in different web par zones

All three articles are "must read"


AsoundMind said...

Hi there,

Nice post, I was able to access them 2 days back but now it is off...:(

Do you happen to have a copy of them?

Frode Sørhøy, Avenir, Bergen, Norway said...

Sorry, I've no copy of it either. But I hope the pages will be up soon.