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Sign in as different user command in SharePoint 2007 may get you into trouble

Please be aware of the following issues when implementing a SharePoint 2007 portal and having the "Sign in as a different user" available (that is the standard).

In the examples below user A is physically logged in on the computer while B is not.:
  1. Accessing My Site. If you have a setup where you have all the My Sites on a separat web application (e.g. on a different port) and your main portal standard port 80 the "Sign in as addiferent user will" NOT work accross those two web applications. Sign in as user B (from the SharePoint Sign in ... command) and then click on My Site. Who's My Site did you get to? A or B? I guess you where hoping for B, but that is wrong.
  2. Editing documents will give you the same issues. Sign in as user B, find a document library where user B should not have Contribute rights to. Open a document, change it, and then do a Save As back to the same library. No errors! What!??!

Anybody else having issues with the "Sign in as different user" command?


Adobe iFilter for SharePoint 2007 on a Windows 2003 x64 server

The regular iFilter package may be used even on a x64 computer, but it may also fail. I've seen it both. Adobe has relased a fix for x64 to make the 32-bit iFilter work even on x64 machines.

Click here for an article that will guide you right home and make your PDF documents searchable/crawlable. But make sure that you also have ALL the system requirements in place before installing it.


Exchange Public Folders vs SharePoint

I've been in som discussions with the infrastructure guys on what to do with the Public Folders and if they should all be moved to SharePoint or not. I think ther has been som confusion here, and Microsoft has released some guidelins on what to do: Public Folders are NOT DEAD!

They will be around for a long time, and sometimes they should be used. NOT everything belongs in SharePoint. SharePoint will NOT be the silver bullet to all our troubles... but some :-)

Read the blog/article: Public Folder vs Sharepoint Guidance

Branding the Web Part Editor box and the Web Part Header in SharePoint 2007

Then it was time to do some branding again - which is an very important task in any SharePoint project. It doesn't matter how great all the features in SharePoint 2007 are if the look-and-feel of the site doesn't make the users "happy" :-)

I found three very exciting article written by Kyle Schaeffer on his blog:
1) Floating (Movable) Web Part Task Pane
2) Web part headers with rounded corners
3) Different look and feel for the web parts when they are in different web par zones

All three articles are "must read"

Customizing the application.master file in SharePoint 2007 may result in some errors

Be carefull when customizing or branding the application.master file. You may get som strange errors, for example:

"Application error when access /_layouts/mngfield.aspx, Error=Unable to validate data. at System.Web.Configuration.MachineKeySection.GetDecodedData(Byte[] buf, Byte[] modifier ..."

I got this one when I tried to make changes to a field on a list (mngfield.aspx).

The reason in my case whas that the master page included a statement. When I removed this one I was up and running again.

Others have discovered the same error: Read here

Setting up an import filter in a Custom User Profile import soruce in SharePoint 2007

When you want to configure your user import you will most likely want to filter out certain type of account; those that are disabled, system accounts, etc.

The following two filter will let you do this:

1) Import all user accounts except those that are disabled


2) Import all users except thos belonging to a certain group:

Combining these to (after first included all system account into the SystemUsers group) should give you only those users that should have user profiles.