Changing the order of the Site Template Cataegories in the create Site Page (newsbweb.aspx)

We needed to change which site template group in the Create Site page (newsbweb.aspx) should be default, and then set the default site template in this default group.

I found the article "Changing the Create Page" on dwinter's blog, and the rest should be easy:
  • \_layouts\newsbweb.aspx?DisplayCategory=ourgroupname
  • Add (or replace the existing) Create Site menu on the Site Action drop down menu.

Later I'll use reflector to see if I can find some more parameters to apply use :-)


Administration tools for SharePoint 2007

SharePoint 2007 / Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 has its limatiations - especially when it comes to administration and soluions maintenance, Several vendors have made (or is in the process of making) usefull tools for the SharePoint Administrator.

Below is a list with some of these I've identified found (but not always have used :-)):
  • DeliverPoint from Barracuda Tools. Security settings, and users and groups.administration.
  • Controlpoint from Axceler. Yes (as Camper correctly commented) this is absolutly a tool worth checking out. I've been to a couple of demos myself, and it is rather impressiv actually.
  • Quest.

More to come!


TechEd 2007 Barcelona Next!

Yes, I'm really looking forward to TechEd 2007, and a very promising session schedule. The "problem" is that there are only 20 session, and too many (what looks like) great sessions :-)

See you there!