Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 x64 "kills" the SharePoint 2007 performance

Yes, it is true: Installing Windows 2003 Service Pack x64 may make your SharePoint 2007 installation reaaaaaaly sloooooow :-(. It occurs the first time the page is beeing hit, and not when it has been cached on the client. The cause of the problem is loading of javascripts (init.js,++) and webresource.axd. We used IEWatch to detect what files where causing our problems. First we belived it was something to do with the init.js and the scripts which it contains, but then we saw that webresource.axd was called just before.

Disable HTTP compression on the client side and the sharepoint farm had to be done to solve our "mysterious" error. Great thanx again to fellow bloggers and forum users. This time it was this article which saved our day(s).

The purpose of webresource.axd : "WebResources are embedded scripts that are streamed out from the framework and referenced by the page at runtime. So, if you built a custom cotrol, for example, and you needed to embed a javascript file right in the control's DLL, it would be referenced as a WebResource when your calling pages run and therefore need to access this script. WebResources can also be images etc."

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