Modifying the Asset Picker Dialog in SharePoint 2007 - AssetPortalBrowser

We needed to make som minor changes to the Asset Picker Dialog for selecting images to be used in, for example, in an html editor field. The place to do this is in the file [12-hive]/template/layouts/AssetPortalBrowser.aspx. In this file you find a reference to the PublishingInt:SMObjectList web control. It has several parameters that my be changed:

  • SortExpression. On wich field you want the images sorted.
  • SortDirection. The ordering - must be either "ASC" or "DESC" - case sensitive!
  • ListViewName. Name of the default view, for example, "All documents". The default is the thumbnail view.
  • ThumbnailColumns. Number of columns in the thumbnail view.
  • ThumbnailRows. Numver of rows in the thunmbnail view.
  • PageSize. Number of documents/images to display on each page in the grid view
  • and some others ...

I would like to change the icons and texts in the toolbar as well, but I haven't figured out how to do this... yet ... Any suggestions?


David said...

Very helpful post, cheers.

One question, I have used the All Documents View, and want to know if there is a way for me to stop some columns showing? I only really want the following columns to display, Type, Name, Thumbnail, picture width, Picture Height.

Thank you

Nouman said...

hello David
I am trying to give the value "All Documents" for ListViewName, but it does not work for me.Am I giving the correct value?


Nouman said...

Now it works for me by doing this ExplicitViewName = "All Documents" SortExpression = "Modified" SortDirection = "DESC"

Anonymous said...


I got 403 forbidden after i add to the

I could view it with no problem when using service account login.
Any idea? Thanks and advance!

Anonymous said...

Make sure the server's "Users" group has Read & Execute access to the file.