EPiServer CMS 5.0, SharePoint 2007 and Microsoft CRM 3.0 - THE match your for internet, extranet and intranet?

1) Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) on the inside - and for the chosen people you let "in". The advanced intranet/extranet!
  • Collaboration
  • Dashboards
  • Applications
  • BI
  • Workflow
  • Back end integration
2) Microsoft CRM
  • Take good care of your customers
  • Dashboards
  • Integrated with MOSS 2007 / WSS 3.0
  • Update! Soon to be integrated with EPiServer CMS 5.0 as well

3) EPiServer CMS 5.0 on the public outside (or for lightweight intranets - combined with WSS 3.0)

  • You get A LOT for a very good price
  • Easy to set up and brand
  • Easy to use

And they all use a lot of the same technologies - SharePoint and EPiServer is very similar and CRM proably will be in version 4.0.

What do you think? A good match?

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Mikael Runhem said...

For your info: We have developed a very tight integration between MS CRM and EPiServer CMS 4. The integration is now in alpha tests on our own http://www.episerver.com, where all built-in user accounts in the EPiServer CMS 4.6 has been merged into MS CRM. All security in the web site is controlled from within MS CRM (access groups etc). To provide speed and scalability (the design goal has been 2 million contacts/users) we use MS ADAM as a middleware, working as a slave system under MS CRM.
Also, a Salesforce version on the CRM integration is also in alpha tests.
Please contact Mr Per Rask at EPiServer for more info about these projects.

Mikael Runhem, EPiServer AB

(yes, we are planning to upgrade these projects to the new EPiServer 5 version, using membership providers etc)