Creating custom list actions - in the drop down menu for the item - SharePoint 2007

When you write your custom actions it's not always easy to identify which parameters to set in the feature and the CustomAction attributes (RegistrationID, Rights , but here is som help:

  • Starting point and short how to? Look here.
  • CustomAction explained? Look here
  • Which values to put in the RegistrationID attribute? Look here.
  • Rights values? They can be combined, e.g. "AddListItems,ManageAlerts". They are cmobines with an AND relationship - the user has to full all rights. Look here for a list of possible values.
  • Site actions by Chris O'Brien

SharePoint Custom Action Identifiers

Custom Action Identifiers - all the ones modified or added by features

How to hide (or replace) custom actions

Replacing custom action in the file CustomSiteAction.xml..

To add site action from features:

If you want to replace menu items on the Site Actions drop down menu WITHOUT using features edit the [12-hive]\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\EditingMenu\SiteAction.xml file. But be aware of possible issues when upgrading or installing services packs.

Adding and removing items on the List Toolbar. Read here...

Using custom actions to modify system pages. Read here...

And of course you need to know from which page you came in order to redirect the user back to the correct site:
<UrlAction Url=”javascript:window.location=
‘{SiteUrl}/_layouts/mypage.aspx?List={ListId}&Source=’ + window.location”/>

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