EPiServer CMS 5.0, SharePoint 2007 and Microsoft CRM 3.0 - THE match your for internet, extranet and intranet?

1) Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) on the inside - and for the chosen people you let "in". The advanced intranet/extranet!
  • Collaboration
  • Dashboards
  • Applications
  • BI
  • Workflow
  • Back end integration
2) Microsoft CRM
  • Take good care of your customers
  • Dashboards
  • Integrated with MOSS 2007 / WSS 3.0
  • Update! Soon to be integrated with EPiServer CMS 5.0 as well

3) EPiServer CMS 5.0 on the public outside (or for lightweight intranets - combined with WSS 3.0)

  • You get A LOT for a very good price
  • Easy to set up and brand
  • Easy to use

And they all use a lot of the same technologies - SharePoint and EPiServer is very similar and CRM proably will be in version 4.0.

What do you think? A good match?


Modifying the Asset Picker Dialog in SharePoint 2007 - AssetPortalBrowser

We needed to make som minor changes to the Asset Picker Dialog for selecting images to be used in, for example, in an html editor field. The place to do this is in the file [12-hive]/template/layouts/AssetPortalBrowser.aspx. In this file you find a reference to the PublishingInt:SMObjectList web control. It has several parameters that my be changed:

  • SortExpression. On wich field you want the images sorted.
  • SortDirection. The ordering - must be either "ASC" or "DESC" - case sensitive!
  • ListViewName. Name of the default view, for example, "All documents". The default is the thumbnail view.
  • ThumbnailColumns. Number of columns in the thumbnail view.
  • ThumbnailRows. Numver of rows in the thunmbnail view.
  • PageSize. Number of documents/images to display on each page in the grid view
  • and some others ...

I would like to change the icons and texts in the toolbar as well, but I haven't figured out how to do this... yet ... Any suggestions?


Les Zeppelin reunion concert in London November 26th

Yes! Only 20.000 tickets and several millions that want to go. I've registered in the ballot!! I cross my fingers, and have good hopes for getting a couple of tickets :-)

Register here


Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 x64 "kills" the SharePoint 2007 performance

Yes, it is true: Installing Windows 2003 Service Pack x64 may make your SharePoint 2007 installation reaaaaaaly sloooooow :-(. It occurs the first time the page is beeing hit, and not when it has been cached on the client. The cause of the problem is loading of javascripts (init.js,++) and webresource.axd. We used IEWatch to detect what files where causing our problems. First we belived it was something to do with the init.js and the scripts which it contains, but then we saw that webresource.axd was called just before.

Disable HTTP compression on the client side and the sharepoint farm had to be done to solve our "mysterious" error. Great thanx again to fellow bloggers and forum users. This time it was this article which saved our day(s).

The purpose of webresource.axd : "WebResources are embedded scripts that are streamed out from the framework and referenced by the page at runtime. So, if you built a custom cotrol, for example, and you needed to embed a javascript file right in the control's DLL, it would be referenced as a WebResource when your calling pages run and therefore need to access this script. WebResources can also be images etc."


CAML querying using SPSiteDataQuery and getting distinct values returned

Using SPSiteDataQuery to query lists and sites for specific data is quick and easy. I needed it in a scenario where i needed to query a single list in a site and make sure I don't get any duplicates in the CAML query result.

Combining the following two blog entries from The Kid (who has a lot og great informasjon about SPSiteDataQuery - other stuff), and from Patrick Tisseghem about DataTable and DataView anf how to get distinct values returned.


Ajax for SharePoint 2007 - How to get started?

It was bound to happen sooner or later - I had to write an Ajax Web Part to be used in a SharePoint 2007 sollution. Oohh - Scary! - I thought at first... But thanx to Google and all the great MVPs and other blogg writers - I made a home run in less than 1 hour.

Follow these simple steps (in your development image):
  1. Download and install ASP.NET 2.0 Ajax Extensions 1.0. Click here
  2. Install and activate the Ajax.config feature written by Scott Hillier (at CodePlex). Click here. It does (almost) everything what Mike Ammerlaan has described so well in his blog. You should read Ammerlaan's article to understand what Mr. Hillier's feature does.
  3. Add a ScriptManager into your SharePoint MasterPage (See Ammerlaan's article).
  4. Find, download, install and activate a demo Ajax web part, e.g Adam Buenz's List Rotator Web part
  5. Then the fun part: Write your own! E.g. combine the simple web part in Ammerlaan's article with an Ajax Timer (see this article - make sure you add the Timer to the UpdatePanel's Controls list) and you can write your own list rotator, delay loading aof data - e.g from a slow web service, or ...

Go, go go! Time is money!

Do you get the error "values does not fall within the expected range" when trying to delete a file from the SPFileCollection in SharePoint?

Then it may be the case that the file/page you are trying to delete is set as the Default Page for the publishing site (if it is a publishing page and is located in the Pages list).

Any other causes? Please add a comment.

Creating custom list actions - in the drop down menu for the item - SharePoint 2007

When you write your custom actions it's not always easy to identify which parameters to set in the feature and the CustomAction attributes (RegistrationID, Rights , but here is som help:

  • Starting point and short how to? Look here.
  • CustomAction explained? Look here
  • Which values to put in the RegistrationID attribute? Look here.
  • Rights values? They can be combined, e.g. "AddListItems,ManageAlerts". They are cmobines with an AND relationship - the user has to full all rights. Look here for a list of possible values.
  • Site actions by Chris O'Brien

SharePoint Custom Action Identifiers

Custom Action Identifiers - all the ones modified or added by features

How to hide (or replace) custom actions

Replacing custom action in the file CustomSiteAction.xml..

To add site action from features:

If you want to replace menu items on the Site Actions drop down menu WITHOUT using features edit the [12-hive]\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\EditingMenu\SiteAction.xml file. But be aware of possible issues when upgrading or installing services packs.

Adding and removing items on the List Toolbar. Read here...

Using custom actions to modify system pages. Read here...

And of course you need to know from which page you came in order to redirect the user back to the correct site:
<UrlAction Url=”javascript:window.location=
‘{SiteUrl}/_layouts/mypage.aspx?List={ListId}&Source=’ + window.location”/>


Access Denied when trying to create a new crawl schedule for a content source in SharePoint 2007

Yes, you may get an "Access Denied" when you ar trying to add or change a crawl schedule. Why? Probably an error during installation. But, luckily this is an known issue and therefore there is also a solution:

Error when you try to edit the content source schedule in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: "Access is denied"