SharePoint 2007 Performance and tuning tips

Here are tips & tricks for how to do tuning on your SharePoint 2007 installation to get better performance:

Different caching parameters:

  • Enable the BlobCache in web.config to create a disk cache for all pictures, style sheets and scripts that are used => Reduced database traffic.
  • Consider reducing the number of application pools used to relase more memory on the server(s). Each application pool is assigned a unique worker process which again loads the runtime => More memory for caching the "real stuff" :-)
  • Set the correct Caching profile on each web site - from the Admin page => Quicker page loads.

Web parts and customizations

  • Write your web parts and custom controls and pages such that the do as little data processing as possible before the user makes an action. => Reduces the time to load a the page that are using your web part/component.

Site structure

  • Depth of the web site hierarchy => Content by Query and other querys will run quicker

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