MOSS 2007 Search problems

First: Check to see if you are running a Trial version. You are? Check that is hasn't expired. It has - then that's your problem maybe :-)! Not epxired? Then you may find your answer below:

Search in my development image crashed and it gave me a lot of hazzle to restore it again.

Why did it crash in the beginning?? I changed the password for the service account - and forgot the consequences of such a thing - not remembered I had done it I started to do other changes. Correct service account password on all the services in place the Search Service would not run:

Several problems occured:

  • Scopes where note created. Number of items in scope = Error!
  • Created a new Shared Service provider
  • Error in SharePoint: Search Service not started ... or indexer move... something
  • In the event log: ""Your search cannot be completed because this site is not assigned to an indexer. Contact your administrator for more information." How to assign assign a site to an indexer?? You have to configure your database and assign an indexer
  • Operations Database Click on database Select indexer.
  • Then!? Still the Scope issue.
  • Tried to create the Search Center again and then "The trial period for this product has expired" flashed into my eyes!!!
  • So that is the issue! => ReInstall MOSS 2007 !

Wasted hours!! Typical when you are short on time!

What have I/we learned? Do NOT change the password of the service account(s) if you don't have to, AND verify that Trial software HAS NOT expired !¤{#!!# argh!

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