I've been Hit by URL-lengt and Content by Query list count limits

Yes, it's true: There are some limits in SharePoint that we have to be aware of when planning the information and site structure:
  • Max Url length is approx. 260 chars See Louis & Clark.
  • Max number og lists the Content by Query web part can handle is 1000.

Both of these issues made us have to redesign the site structure and how to extract information to be displayed on the front page on our site.

Other limitations see SharePoint unplugged article

SPListItem and the CopyTo method

Yes, I've struggled with identifying the format of the destination url when trying to copy a publishing page from one Pages list to another using the SPListItem.CopyTo method. Again, Reflector came to my rescue. Reflector showed that the Url must contain a page name as well - NOT only the path to the list. If the page doesn't exist it will be created.

Wrong url: http://myserver/site/pages
Correct url: http://myserver/site/pages/thepagename.aspx

Then it works as it should.

Knowing how the publishing process is in SharePoint it really shouldnæt be a surprise, but sometimes the ... brain cells ... seems to be a bit "off line" :-)


MOSS 2007 Search problems

First: Check to see if you are running a Trial version. You are? Check that is hasn't expired. It has - then that's your problem maybe :-)! Not epxired? Then you may find your answer below:

Search in my development image crashed and it gave me a lot of hazzle to restore it again.

Why did it crash in the beginning?? I changed the password for the service account - and forgot the consequences of such a thing - not remembered I had done it I started to do other changes. Correct service account password on all the services in place the Search Service would not run:

Several problems occured:

  • Scopes where note created. Number of items in scope = Error!
  • Created a new Shared Service provider
  • Error in SharePoint: Search Service not started ... or indexer move... something
  • In the event log: ""Your search cannot be completed because this site is not assigned to an indexer. Contact your administrator for more information." How to assign assign a site to an indexer?? You have to configure your database and assign an indexer
  • Operations Database Click on database Select indexer.
  • Then!? Still the Scope issue.
  • Tried to create the Search Center again and then "The trial period for this product has expired" flashed into my eyes!!!
  • So that is the issue! => ReInstall MOSS 2007 !

Wasted hours!! Typical when you are short on time!

What have I/we learned? Do NOT change the password of the service account(s) if you don't have to, AND verify that Trial software HAS NOT expired !¤{#!!# argh!