Document Libraries functionality overview

Working with SharePoint document libraries.

Security on different levels (break the security inheritance):
  • Library
  • Folder
  • Item
  • Security inherited from library -> Folder -> Item
  • Break the security on any level - when needed

Setting permissions:

  • Per user
  • Per Activi Directory groups

Upload or adding documents

  • New Document command from SharePoint - the prefered way
  • Upload a single or multiple documents
  • Save a document directly from an Office 2007 application directly into the list
  • Use Windows Explorer to maintain the documents in the lists - started e.g. from the Explorer View
  • E-mail enabling document libraries and mail document straight into the document library

Best practies for opening document from a library:

  • Right-click the document in the list an select Edit the document ... (Office 2003)
  • In office 2007 the user will be prompted to open the document in readonly or edit mode
  • Select Alerts to be notified when a document is added, changed, etc.
  • Using the RSS view and subscribe to i in either IE 7.0 or Outlook 2007 (or any other RSS reader)

Check-in/out and versioning

  • Enable minor and major versions
  • Turn on/off check in/out
  • Set who will be able to se minor/draft versions
  • Version history is available
  • Rollback to older versions
  • Decide on minor or major version when checking in a document from Office 2007
  • From Office 2003 the publishing of a major version has to be done from the Document Library
  • People with only view rights will only see the major versions of a document

Content approval

  • Approvers have higher rights than editors
  • Approver rights is a part of the Design group in SharePoint
  • Draft -> Pending -> Approved

Three state workflow

  • New library
  • A Choice field must be added to the libray that has three different values
  • Add the three state worflow to the document library
  • Enter the task details for each of the first two states
  • A workflow column wil be added to the list and a part of the default view
  • A task list will be added to the site automatically

Managing content in the libraries

  • Folders are not recommended in every case. Consider meta data in some cases, but in others Folders is still the way to do it. So far I haven't been able to use the Content by Query web part fo filter out documents in specific folders eiter. I've had to write my own web part for this. But if anybody else have a solution please let me know.
  • Use custom columns/fields/properties to add meta data to the list
  • Users will be prompted to fill in custom fields when the document is saved/created
  • Office 2007 will have dcoument properties panel where these properties can be set
  • Use filtering and sorting on views to filter and order documents that you want to see


  • Export the library to Excel and look at the meta data (status, types, etc).
  • Custom templates
  • Multiple content types in a document library
  • Sending document links to other libraries

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