Migrating EPiServer projects from .NET 1.x til .NET 2.0 and from VS 2003 til VS 2005 Web Application projects

I belived should be pice of cake, but I was wrong. I quickly got the error "Parser Error Message: Ambiguous match found. " when trying to run the final project. I took me a while - and some "googling" - to discover the problem source: a region was named 'MainRegion' in the defaultframework.ascx file and a variable in the codebehind was named mainRegion !?¤!&#"¤%!.

Other error sources to be aware of:

  • Naming conflicts between your registeres user controls on a page and other variables on the same aspx page OR in the user control itself. Resolution: Rename all your user controls in the Register statement, for example, use the 'ux' prefix.

Other tasks:

  • The language files are not updated automatically, and have to be copied/updated manually.
  • Copy all the new template files intot the new project library (aspx, ascx and cs files). Make sure you don't overwrite your own customizations.
  • Set the correct namespaces - search and replace - but has to be done :-)

Articles you should take a look at BEFORE you start the migration process:

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