SharePoint 2007 MUST HAVE Tools

Below is a list off tools and applications (with or wotuout source, freeware, shareware, applications with licenses,etc.) that I've found very helpful in my SharePoint projects.

SharePoint Solution Administration

  • Todd Baginski's Feature Manager. Great tool for browsing and installing/removing features on your SharePoint installation.
  • SharePoint 2007 Explorer. Great tool to investigate your site and see all the parameters that is set. More or less the whole object model is made visible in a click and browse manner.
  • SharePoint Feature Pack (Scott Hillier). Print Liste, Theme Changer, PlaceHolder Master, Presence Contact List, Content Type Hierachy, Log Viewer, etc.
  • IEWatch. To check what's going on in IE when a page is being loaded; files being loaded, from where the files are loaded, time it takes, etc.

Mini tools

Business Data Catalog (BDC)

  • BDC Meta Man (license). THE tool for making external data available in SharPoint lists and applications.
File Management

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