Controlling Site Navigation in Site Templates

The following properties may be added to the feature "
541F5F57-C847-4e16-B59A-B31E90E6F9EA" to control the sites navigation controls (global and current):

  • InheritGlobalNavigation. Use the same globa main menu navigation as the parent.
  • InheritCurrentNavigation. Use the same current navigation (i.e. the left quick lanucn menu) as the parent.
  • IncludePages. Set to true to show pages in the site the navigation tree.
  • ShowSiblings. Set to true if you want sub sites to be displayed in the navigation tree.
  • OrderingMethod. 'Automatic' - Sort all node types automatically, and group pages after other types. 'Manual' - Sort all types manually. 'ManualWithAutomaticPageSorting' - Sort all types except pages manually. If pages are included, sort them automatically and group them after all other types.
  • AutomaticSortingMathod. CHECK THE SPELLING!!! 'CreatedDate' - Sort items by time of creation. 'LastModifiedDate' - Sort items by time of last modification. 'Title' - Sort items alphabetically by title.
  • IncludeInCurrentNavigation.
  • IncludeSubSites.
  • IncludePagesOrderingMethod.
  • SortAscending.

Again - check how method i spessled in AutomaticSortingMathod :-) Again Luts Roeder's .NET Reflector was of great help to identify this SharePoint error.

Check the code in the class Microsoft.Sharepoint.Publishing.NavigationFeatureHandler, method ApplyNavigationProperties, and the code lines where the internal dictionary is created.

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