Roles and responsibilities in a SharePoint 2007 project

SharePoint Portal 2007 is a challening product and nobody can be a specialist in every topic related to implementing SharePoint Portal in an organization. Below is a suggested set of roles and responsibilities, and the skills and experience that these people should have.

  • Project leader - runs the project on time, on budget and with the right functionality. Should have a good overview and understanding og SharePoint 2007 and its capabilities and limitiations.
  • Business and Process Analyst (s) - guide the project on which process should be enhanced or changed and why. Verify that SharePoint solution meets the requirments.
  • SharePoint Expert user(s) - setting up SharePoint with sites, publishing sites, document centers, lists, blogs, etc.
  • SharePoint Architect - thorough understanding of SharePoint (admin, developing, functions) and advise when and how new components/web parts should be developed. Microsoft Technologies in general; .NET 2.0 og .NET 3.0, Exchange, Active Directory, Office 2003/2007, IIS and infrastrcture in general.
  • SharePoint Customizer - do all the "non-programmin" customization of the SharePoint solution. Good understanding of SharePoint and the different web parts that are included. Experience with html, stylesheet, caml, xml, xslt, javascript, SharePoint Designer and InfoPath 2007
  • SharePoint Administrator - setting up the SharePoint infrastructure with servers and services; SharePoint 2007, Exchange Server, Active Directory, Windows 2003 and 2008 Servers, SQL Server 2005, IIS 6.0 and 7.0, network infrastructure, ISA server, etc..
  • SharePoint Developer - developing custom web parts and components. Experienced asp.net 2.0, web parts, master pages, Ajax developer and detailed knowledge of the SharePoint 2007 object model. Javascript experience.


Anonymous said...

You don't think the Sharepoint administrator would need a thorough understanding of IIS?

Frode Sørhøy, Avenir, Bergen, Norway said...

and IIS, etc.