Roles and responsibilities in a SharePoint 2007 project

SharePoint Portal 2007 is a challening product and nobody can be a specialist in every topic related to implementing SharePoint Portal in an organization. Below is a suggested set of roles and responsibilities, and the skills and experience that these people should have.

  • Project lader. Run the project on time, on budget and with the right functionality. Should have a good overview and understanding og SharePoint 2007 and its capabilities and limitiations.
  • Business and Process Analyst (s) - guide the project on which process should be enhanced or changed and why. Verify that SharePoint solution meets the requirments.
  • SharePoint Expert user(s) - setting up SharePoint with sites, publishing sites, document centers, lists, blogs, etc.
  • SharePoint Specialist - thorough understanding of SharePoint (admin, developing, functions) and advise when and how new components/web parts should be developed.
  • SharePoint Customizer - do all the "non-programmin" customization of the SharePoint solution. Good understanding of SharePoint and the different web parts that are is included. Experience with html, stylesheet, caml, xml, xslt and SharePoint designer
  • SharePoint Administrator - setting up the SharePoint infrastructure with servers and services.
  • SharePoint Developer - celpoing custom web parts and components.

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